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"If you feel blue, and don't know what to do" (for exercise)...

Looking at the quote inspired by Irving Berlin's song "Putting on the Ritz" (made popular by the greats Harry Richman, Fred Astaire, and of course Mel Brook's "Young Frankenstein"),

What can you do if the mere thought of jump squats stresses you out??

Exercise is proven as way to reduce stress and enhance mental well being. Yet, often when we feel the most stressed, anxious, or even depressed it is so tough to get ourselves moving. Sometimes, even the thought of exercise can induce more stress.

Exercises that engage your mind and body together such as Pilates can help anchor the mind in the present because they require control and concentration. The concentration required in Pilates can provide a distraction from negative self-talk and increase mindfulness. Pilates also includes specific breathing which can help calm the mind.

Many of us are feeling anxiety, stress, or depression even more intensely since Covid-19. Although I have a lot to be grateful for and I feel happy that I am helping people in my online classes, I know that I also feel an array of emotions such as anxiety, frustration, and sadness. But, I find that if I do a short, less intense Pilates workout plus walk for at least 20 minutes, my spirits lift and I feel better.

Try taking an online class or doing a YouTube video! I'm here to help - If you need any suggestions or have any questions, please let me know! (

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