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My Pilates journey began in El Paso, TX when I was singing with the El Paso Opera. One of my colleagues who knew I had a fitness background suggested that we try a semi-private Pilates session. As a good stress reliever in between rehearsals, I thought it was an excellent idea! Because of my extensive dance experience, I was immediately drawn to the precision and flow of Pilates. 

At that time, I had already been teaching group fitness classes for a couple of years, and I decided to focus on Pilates. I started doing Pilates regularly and noticed that I felt stronger, more energetic, and developed more  core strength and overall muscle tone. I also discovered that Pilates helped my posture and stamina while singing opera! So, I earned my first Pilates mat certification in 2004.

I was fortunate for most of my life to be relatively injury-free. However, in 2011 I was hit by a car as a pedestrian. I was lucky that I did not have any broken bones or internal organ injuries, but I had bulging discs, whip lash, and a lot of soft tissue damage in my neck and back. I had a lot of pain, so initially I could not exercise. But, as I started to recover, the combination of consistent Pilates and Physical Therapy helped me to rehabilitate my injuries and feel strong and healthy again.

Between my first hand knowledge of just how much Pilates could help and seeing my mat clients grow stronger and healthier, I decided to complete a 600 hour Classical Pilates training through Power Pilates in 2011 certifying me to teach on all Pilates equipment.  Power Pilates was developed by 2nd generation instructors who studied with Romana Kryzanowska (a Pilates Elder who studied directly with Joseph Pilates.)

Since earning my certification, I have taught in Pilates studios in Philadelphia, New York City, Los Angeles, and now San Diego. I am a lifelong learner, and I continue my education by studying and taking workshops with Master Pilates Teachers both Contemporary and Classical including Shari Berkowitz,

Lesley Logan, Kathryn Ross-Nash, John Garey, and Courtney Miller.
























Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher- NCPT 2012 - PRESENT

Power Pilates (600 hr.) Comprehensive Apparatus Teacher - 2011

CPR/AED - 12/2021 - 12/2023

Power Pilates Intermediate Mat - 2008

Power Pilates Beginner Mat - 2004

Vbarre - 2013 & Vbarre Teacher Trainer - 2014

Xtend Barre - 2011

TRX - 2013

AFAA 2000 - 2012


Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance - University of North Texas


Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology - University of Texas at Austin

About My Training Style

I believe careful adherence to technique and form  enables my clients to obtain the maximum benefits from each session. Through clear and encouraging guidance, I aim to create a supportive environment where clients can challenge themselves. I listen closely to my client's goals and needs, and I tailor sessions thoughtfully using the 4 s's of Pilates (Stability, Stretch, Strength, and Stamina.) 


I teach in person at Gotham Pilates, a fully equipped Classical Pilates studio, and I also teach clients online.

Certifications And Training
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