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I am a classically trained, Nationally Certified Pilates instructor with a dance and fitness background. Pilates is a great way to cross-train, stay fit, and prevent or help rehabilitate injuries! It is a full body, efficient system of exercise that improves your core strength, flexibility, and posture with emphasis on balance and body awareness.


Through clear and encouraging guidance, I aim to create a supportive environment where clients can challenge themselves. I listen closely to my client's goals and needs, and I tailor sessions thoughtfully using the 4 s's of Pilates (Stability, Stretch, Strength, and Stamina.) 


I specialize in tailoring sessions for a diverse range of clients, including those recovering from injuries, golfers perfecting their swing, tennis and pickleball enthusiasts honing their skills, athletes seeking peak performance, seniors embracing fitness, and anyone on their unique wellness journey. I teach both online and in-person sessions! 



Pilates Sessions

Experience the benefit of individualized attention through private or duet sessions in person or at home.


"I met Abla at the gym where I was training (mostly weight lifting). I had reached a point where my extremities were strong. But I felt that my core and flexibility were weak points. I’ve never been flexible in my hamstrings, lower back and shoulder and I felt an imbalance. I wanted to strength my abs and increase flexibility in my posterior chain (shoulders, back and hamstrings) to improve strength and posture. I signed up for private sessions with Abla 1-2x a week, and with hard work we got great results. My core is stronger and my posture is much improved.

Abla is very methodical and considerate in the programs that she creates. There is thought and individualized tailoring with her programs. And she’s also a lovely human that’s always fun to talk to. Go get your Pilates on with Abla. That’s also for the men out there that think Pilates isn’t for them. You need it even more."

—  Ali G., md

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