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Client Testimonials: Testimonials

-Ali G

I met Abla about 2 years ago at the gym where I was training (mostly weight lifting). I had reached a point where my extremities were strong. But I felt that my core and flexibility were weak points. I’ve never been flexible in my hamstrings, lower back and shoulder and I felt an inbalance. I wanted to strength my anterior (abs) and increase flexibility in my posterior chain (shoulders, back and hamstrings) to improve strength and posture. I signed up for private Pilates sessions with Abla 1-2x a week for about a year. And with hardwork and consistency we got great results. My core is stronger and my posture is much improved. Abla is very methodical and considerate in the programs that she creates. There is thought and individualized tailoring with her programs. And she’s also a lovely human that’s always fun to talk to. Go get your Pilates on with Abla. That’s also for the men out there that think Pilates isn’t for them. You need it even more.

-Stephanie M

Abla is so much more than just a fitness instructor. She is so kind and able to lift you up when you're having a rough day but is also able to whip your bootie into shape with a challenging workout. Abla is by far the best classically trained Pilates instructor I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only is she knowledgeable on the various types of Pilates styles and how they best work on the body, but she was able to zero in on misalignment in my body from past injuries. By Alba making micro-adjustments to my body positioning I noticed a huge difference. Not just in my Pilates practice but my back pain and hip pain lessened. She helped me notice my posture in my everyday life, giving me the tools to move my practice from the Pilates studio to my everyday routine.

-Cindy E

Abla was my first Pilates instructor, and is still my all-time favorite.  She continually pushes for improvement on the basic techniques, while at the same time mixing up the exercises to keep things interesting—always with an eye to each client’s particular needs and concerns.  Mine included some cervical spine issues that I feared would be chronic, but that Pilates—and Abla—helped to beat back.

-Gary T

I was introduced to pilates by Abla and it entirely changed my workout routine and conditioning.  Abla taught me the fundamentals of pilates and patiently worked with me to develop my technique and skills.  Her attention to detail and her constant encouragement allowed to me to progress rapidly to improve my strength and flexibility.  I would not have been able to progress as quickly as I did without the guidance and support that Abla provided. Abla is a fabulous trainer!

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